“Trust is something which cannot be got but earned over the time”
Let’s show you the one famous entrepreneur turned scammer and a fraudster in the mean time.

While interview with Shivya mishra she told:

This person @lightroomexist has taken money of Rs 6500/- for influencer marketing, he’d told, that he will get some good tik tokers for the Tik Tok campaigns,he constantly said these words and moreover he kept on changing his words,first the deal was,“pehle kaam phir payment”,but then it got changed,he said,Tik Tokers are asking me money first,then I was in a confusion,I was in need of tik tokers,for all,I had to agree, because I had my clients to answer to,by constantly asking he agreed to get me the Tik Tokers, believe me he got me 3 Tik Tokers with bot with dead followers their engagement almost upto to zero I’m not wrong tell you this,they had very poor engagement rate,I was totally unhappy about this but I had no choice of other than accepting them, because I had my clients to answer too,after few days,the videos of the Tik Tokers started getting deleted,now I got furious about this,I called him and asked for my refund,he agreed,but now he’s not even responding to my messages nor calls.
All I want to say is “I’m not upset that you did this to me,I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you”
Please spread this word until it reaches to his ears And also I want you to beware from such scammers in the market.

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