A student of age 19, Piyush Bhatt has exhibited a one-of-a-kind approach. In an epoch, where people are firmly inclined towards following their passion, the versatile young guy, has showcased an example of perfect balance which is enthralling. Leading a life of equivalence between academics and passion, he has really set the example.

Piyush, from a very young age was tempted to make a career in the acting industry. With time, he commenced his journey and was determined to polish his acting skills down the line. Currently an actor, and a student, Piyush has worked in multitudinous short films, Music videos, and has worked elegantly in many videos and movies showcasing his consummate acting skills.

From the young expert himself-“ There are unspeakable hardships which arise in your path to the zenith and to overcome them you rely on your closed ones. My father wants me to pursue my education, and then work according to my will. I respect his decisions and accept his will as well. To maintain a balance between your passion and academics is not easy, yet not impossible. I have had a lot of support from my family and friends and I want to prove that I can attain the heights they want me to, on my own!”

Bhatt defines himself as an introvert but cool-minded person. He wants to pursue his passion and become a director in near future. His skills vouch for his work! We wish him good luck and admire his goodwill.

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