Mayur Kaushal Actor

Mayur Kaushal (born 19 November 2000) is an Indian Actor , Fashion Model and Tit-Tok star .

 Mayur Kaushal is a household name among the social media users of India. His huge fan following on the app transcends age-groups. Now, thanks to his handsome looks and cool personality, Mayur is all set to take a plunge into the modeling world.

mayur kaushal

mayur kaushal

Mayur Kaushal Information :

Name Mayur Kaushal
Occupation Indian Actor
Date of Birth 19 November 2000
Google Search
Known for Acting , Tik-Tok , Modelling
Birth Place Delhi, India

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Mayur Kaushal Actor

Mayur Kaushal

Those who use Tik Tok are well aware of the comedy videos, lip-sync and duets that Mayur keeps posting regularly. He is particularly popular among his female fans, not the least because of his cute smile.

Born in 2000, this young social media influencer has been interested in acting and modeling since a long time. What is heartening is that his parents have been supportive about his dream from the start! It is with his family’s support that Mayur has managed to build a strong presence on social media, especially collecting more than 20 lakh views on Tik Tok. Apart from this, he enjoys a considerable fan following also on his Instagram page. He has close to a million followers already, who vouch for the content that the influencer puts out on a regular basis. His fans eagerly wait for his posts on both the accounts and keep sending their love and reviews regularly, which Mayur cherishes very much.

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Mayur is a travel buff as well. He travels a lot across the country and, in this way, ends up generating interesting content for his social media accounts too. In fact, most of his photos on Instagram depict him in natural light, which again indicates that he loves spending time outdoors.

With such skill, talent and enterprising spirit, it is no wonder that Mayur is a heartthrob on social media. Now his next step is going to be in the modeling world, after which, who knows, he might even land up in the good old Bollywood!



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