vaibhav popli
Vaibhav Popli is an Indian Entrepreneur, Social media expert and Youngest Digital Marketer
Digital Marketing can turn business fortunes from Zero to millions & billions too based on the efforts.. But for that, you need an expert who understands the concept of business and applies his/her tactics to take clients business or individual popularity to a distinct level.
We have heard about Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and many ultra mind influencers who are changing the world with their skills and magic work of Digital Marketing.
Till now no name from India has made his/her mark globally like other influencers. But now the time is changing as we say “Apna time aaega” there is a young Digital marketing guy who is young, dynamic and master of Digital marketing and the most important thing is, he is our Indian, very well known as “India’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur “ also known as Social Media Digital Star.
Vaibhav Popli, is a young entrepreneur with various years of digital marketing experience and many ambitions. He has worked with many renowned celebrities in the past few years


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