The journey of AWANA’ s dream began when he was a 7th standard student ,at the age of ‘12’ he knew what he actually wanted to become in life when many of us dont even know what we actually want to be.

Harsh Awana

The year ‘2012 ‘completely transformed his life as he met his idle and inspiration ‘Honey Singh’ .At that point of time Honey Singh was booming with his hits , AWANA’S love for Honey Singh’s ‘Brown Rang’ song made him chase his dreams. That day he promised himself that he will share the same stage with him and from there he is working so hard to achieve his dreams and making his parents proud every single day. It was not a very easy start for him , he struggled in every term from cope up in his academics to making his family understand, especially when one belongs to a ‘GURJAR’ community.

Though, it was a little difficult but not impossible to make his family understand that his passion for music is more than anything he was doing at that particular point of time. Moreover ,when he was 9th standard student he joined a music school to brush up his music skills but there he found himself uncomfortable with the environment . He left his music school and he took the help of Internet and YouTube and practiced the music by himself.

So, what is the secret behind his Successful career?

* “It’s a combination of skills,” he says. “People skills are also very important – often as important as the music you make. When you work with skillful people you get better results.

*According to ‘AWANA’, his career didn’t have a single “big break”- instead, there have been a number of smaller milestones. “To be successful in this industry, you have to put a lot of time , efforts and hard word effectively and efficiently.

*Some people think that being a music producer and singer, they live very easy lifestyle but it’s actually very demanding. Carving out a career in the music industry requires patience and a strong belief in your work.

*”Stick to your own beliefs and ideals instead of doing what you think is popular and expected from you. Stay patient and work towards becoming a more rounded artist, instead of becoming big or famous as soon as possible.”

*Lastly when asked, so what advice does ‘AWANA’ give to aspiring music producers and singers? “Find people whom you trust , care and surround yourself with them. They can be your friends ,supporters ,your love one’s etc.

AWANA said “Believe in yourself before you believe other’s “


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