Faheem Rahiman born  (06 Nov 1987) is an Production house owner and Line Producer. 
Faheem Rahiman is a Dubai based famous personality and a very well known Internet sensation who is solely responsible for many people’s success in the Punjabi music industry.He is the founder and the production house owner/Line producer of the famous music company called “Third Eye Films L.L.C.The company has successfully produced many super hit Punjabi songs. Faheem is one of the most preferred media professionals for UAE based Punjabi music projects due to his work excellence and wide range of contacts.In addition to music video production, “Third Eye Films L.L.C” also supplies various  kinds of high quality video production equipments on rental basis.That is the reason,Almost every Punjabi song that gets shot/filmed in Dubai is because of the help of Faheem Rahiman. Clearly speaking, The Punjabi songs/music is incomplete without the Faheem’s equipments in it. 

Faheem Rahiman

 Faheem Rahiman

FaheeRahiman’s Information : 


Name: Faheem Rahiman 

Occupation: Production house owner/ Line producer. 

Date of birth: 06 Nov 1987

Birth place: Abu Dhabi, United Arab emirates.
Google Search : t.ly/0Cll

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faheemrahiman/ 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/faheemrahiman



Faheem Rahiman’s various Media articles 

Source : The India Saga 



Faheem Rahiman man behind many top Music Albums in India 

Source : Dailyhunt  



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