A student of age 19, Piyush Bhatt has exhibited a one-of-a-kind approach. In an epoch, where […]
Dr. Shefali Mishra
Dr. Shefali Mishra – A well Known Psychologist,who is very famous for helping everyone in coping […]
“Trust is something which cannot be got but earned over the time”Let’s show you the one […]
Mohammed umar, the youngest YouTuber from Karnataka, is famous for cover song and entertainment content. He […]
Megan Sue Kashat, is an American recording artist, songwriter, and dancer. She went by the stage name Megyn Hermez from 2010 to 2016. Kashat is best known for her 2011 single Anxiety, 2013 single Steal My Crown and 2018 singles Waters, Loyes, Run and Shame.
Istalinga Hegadal is a 16-year-old the India’s youngest cyber security expert from Karnataka, India.
Saurabh Patel who hails from Vadodara and has his work set up in Ahmedabad. Marketing has been his forte and he loves to market anything and everything on the digital space.
ASLI SAIF is the leading 21 year-old entrepreneurial mind with a skillset unparalleled! Procuring fame and splendour through his vision of aiding the underprivileged and making the dreams of others to be realized, the bigwig has huge plans and has unveiled a bit about them.
Asli digital media company turned out to be a huge scale project, which fundamentally helps in personal branding and social media growth by providing personal services to brands and influencers in augmenting their public presence and sales.
Image of Aryan sharma
One more champ is added in top Rappers list in India who looks like born Rapper - Aryan sharma famous as bloodshot on media. Aryan sharma comes from city Pali, and he has many dreams in life too. He has made his way to top the list with his talent.