Mallu Aunty

A few years ago, when people used to think of social media, they only thought of messaging platforms that could easily connect one person to the other. It came along with a lot many emojis to describe & put more emphasis on the feelings & emotions of a person they are chatting with. Over the last few years, Instagram has become a more profound platform where people started putting their pictures (also considered to be a form of communication in the world of social media). As new updates came by, the online social platform saw much advancement in terms with its features. We know of a 23 year old young girl from Cochin, Kerala, who changed her life overnight with a filter made by her. She is Anjali Asok, who is a proud Architect & Artist from God’s own country, Kerala & the one with her creative & out-of-the-box ideas & filters have changed the game of creators on Instagram.

Entire South India has gone crazy for the Mallu Aunty filter, which she created all by herself for Instagram. If you check her Instagram handle “Stories Untold By Anjali” you would know the madness people have for the Mallu Aunty filter & craziness with which they are bombarding their Insta stories with the same.

Her creators page on Instagram will also give you an extensive look at her other works which mainly includes comics on Mallu Aunty & also Indian parenting logic. These comics have become exceedingly popular already. Anjali says that once she was creating a comic based on Mallu Auntie’s opinions & her friend happened to send her an Insta filter to give it a try. It is then that Anjali realised that on Instagram, anybody could create their own filter.
Mallu  Aunty Filter
The same night Anjali decided to look out for tutorials to create her Mallu Aunty filter & stood up the entire night for creating it with Malayalam movie characters. Even after working towards it, because of the file size, Anjali couldn’t publish the filter & was about to give up on her idea. But, just before that she saw the comic she was working on & decided to give it a final try. And, interestingly, on the same day itself, her filter went viral on Instagram & received 1.5 Million views, the second day it surpassed its own record & received 2 Million views.

Anjali creatively used her ideas & those slides that worked wonders for her. When she woke up in the morning, she realised that she has to send the same to Instagram for review purpose, which generally takes 10 days but luckily she got it approved the same day. Right now, her filter is trending & creating more madness on Instagram.

Not just this, Anjali is also a young entrepreneur who has a passion for fashion & blogging as well. She owns “House of Aadhya” (@aadhyabyanjali) a clothing brand where the wearable art is hand painted. She also owns “Chaljuttibyanjali” (@chal_jutti) which is the first jutti brand from Kerala which has hand printed art.


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