Aaqib Anjum Aafi is a scholar, famous for his biographical studies and research. His biographical vision differs from other biographers, so does his accent.

He was born in Nathipora, a village in Dooru Shahabad, one of the historical towns of Kashmir. Adjacent to Nathipora, is another village Mehmoodabad; the place known with the name of famous Kashmiri poet Mehmood Gami.

Aaqib Anjum Aafi started completed his primary studies from Government Middle School Nathipora in the year 2010. He also studied the fun of tajweed in the Darul Uloom Usmania, Nathipora.

Aaqib remained the loved student of his teachers at the Government Middle School, Nathipora because of his love for studies. Aaqib topped the whole Dooru Shahabad town in Class 5 and was awarded with a scholarship of Rs 500.

In 2010, he appeared in JNVST; an entrance to get admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, the alternate gift-schools which run under HRD. Aaqib passed the entrance and entered the JNV Anantnag (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Anantnag) in August 2010. It was the time when Sheikhar Babu was the Principal of JNV Anantnag.

Aaqib completed his middle studies from JNV Anantnag in 2013. His teachers in JNV Anantnag include Dr Chhatarpal Singh, from whom Aaqib studied Hindi; Pramod Subhash Kulkarni, he taught Aaqib English. Kulkarni was also house master of the Udaigiri, one of the four houses of the hostels. The other three being Shiwalik house, Arawali house and Nilgiri house.

Aaqib studied history from Zareena Parween, but did not took much inspiration from her. His other teachers included Neha and Manoj Kumar Sharma.

The JNV Anantnag campus is mostly the first among Navodayas where masjid was constructed. Following it the other Navodayas in Valley got this idea. The Masjid of the JNV Anantnag is named Masjid Ibraheem and is located next to the Mess. It was built right before the time Aaqib joined in the JNV.

The JNV Anantnag produced notable people like Lt. Ummer Fayaz. Ummer Fayaz was one among the seniors of Aaqib Anjum Aafi. Maulwi Muhammad Hussain, one of the classmates of Fayaz used to laid the students and teachers in 5 times prayer in the Masjid. The position was later given to Aaqib. Aaqib remained to lead prayer to the time he remained in the JNV.

Aaqib Anjum Aafi left the JNV Anantnag in March 2013 and joined Iqbal Memorial Institute, Doru (IMI Dooru), a private school located in the Dooru town. The school is affiliated to Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education. Aaqib completed his matriculation studies from IMI, Dooru in 2015 and moved to Government Higher Secondary School, Dooru (also HSS Dooru); a senior secondary school in the heart of Dooru town for higher studies.

In 2015, Aaqib also appeared in JK-Polytechnic and secured good marks enough to get a seat in Computer Science Engineering. God willing, Aaqib missed the councelling and continued to study in the HSS, Dooru and completed his intermediate studies in 2017.

Aaqib moved outside Kashmir for the first time at the end of 2015 as he states in his travelogue ”Mai awr Deoband”.

He went on to meet Salim Qasmi, the former rector of Darul Uloom Waqf, Deoband, and Mufti Masoom Qasmi, the Qadhi of Manglaur, Roorkee, Sulaiman Qasmi of the Madrasa Shahi in Moradabad and others.

As Aaqib was interested in computers, he developed a mobile friendly site named ProjectYourzWap where he would upload books and lectures of notable English and Urdu scholars. The ProjectYourzWap became dead due to the 2016 internat ban in Kashmir.

Aaqib later started Al-Anjuman International which was meant to promote the teachings of the Deobandi scholars in English language, but Aaqib was not able to succeed in this because of less support from his friends, who were with him then. Mufti Waseem, a Delhi based Mufti, was regarded as the Director of Al-Anjuman International while Aaqib was its President and Founder. As per an report available on UNAURDU.com, Al-Anjuman International held its first yearly congregational program on 16 November 2017. The program was attended by Yusuf Asad Bastawi, a friend of Aaqib. The ending lecture was given by rector of Darul Uloom Usmania, Mufti Reyaz Qasmi, an alumnus of the Darul Uloom Deoband.

After this program the Al-Anjuman International was renamed to Muhaddith Jaunpuri Academy in the memory of Mawlana Muhammad Yunus Jaunpuri.

In 2018, Aaqib Anjum Aafi joined the Government Degree College, Dooru for undergraduate studies and left the college after 4 months. and moved to Ludhiana but was not able to get admission there. It was the month of July 2018, while travelling back to home from Ludhiana, Aaqib enrolled in Indira Gandhi National Open University for a diploma in Urdu language and literature.

Aaqib appeared in the entrance of Jamia Millia Islamia in 2019 and succeeded to get admission in the Islamic studies department. He is rightly studying in the university.


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